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Bubble wrap offers a flexible but impact resistant protection for a wide range of products. Rolls of bubble comes in 1.5m widths which can be slit into 750/500/300mm widths as standard Anti static options available

Bubble Rolls_4.jpg

Bubble Bags

Bubble bags offer a quick solution to protecting items of the same size. Easy peel and seal strip secures the items inside. There are a number of stock sizes with customised sizes available on request.


Polyethylene Foam

Foam provides a smooth abrasive free protection for sensitive items

2011 foam rolls_0.jpg

Foam Pouches

Foam Pouches offer a clean flexible scratch resistant protection to a variety of products

Foam Pouch appl_0.jpg

Laminated Foam

Laminated foam can be cut to size and shape to provide excellent product protection and impact resistance.

laminated foam cuts_0.jpg